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Educating and inspiring an awareness of the principles upon which America was founded and the responsibilities of citizens in a free society since 1949. Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge is a patriotic, non-political organization dedicated to "teach, support and foster the principles
Youth Programs

Youth Forum - Thursday - October 8, 2015

2016 Youth Summit Application

Youth Freedom and Leadership Conference - April 7 - 13, 2016

Spirit of America Youth Leadership Videoo
Student Orientation - December 14, 2014
Fly Away Breakfast - March 5, 2015
Awards - Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Flag Day Membership Breakfast - June 13, 2015
sponsored by the Sons of the American Revolution aboard the USS Midway
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Day at the Races - Thursday July 29, 2015 - See the 2014 photos here!

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10th Annual World War II - USO Show
Members attend the Annual Veteran's Day luncheon
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2014 - 2015 San Diego County Chapter Board of Directors

President: Brenda Ferich
Would you like more information about the FFVF? Contact: brendaferich@cox.net
VP Awards: Joan Liddell and Sally Syren
Want to submit an award nomination? Contact: jliddell@san.rr.com or ssyren@san.rr.com
VP Education: Elisabeth Cogdill and Rebecca Reid
Interested in leading a discussion group at the Youth Forum? Contact: ecogdill@cox.net
VP Membership: Kay Weil and Adele Lancaster
Change of Address? Contact: kay@weil.org or alancst1@san.rr.com
Treasurer: Paula Day
Make a contribution? Contact: phday@cox.net
VP Youth: Virginia Syverson and Becky Reid
Want to serve on a youth interview panel? Contact: vsyverson@cox.net or jandbreid@cox.net
VP Programs: Richard Macfie(Capt.)
Interested in helping out at a membership event? Contact: or macfie@cox.net
VP Communications: Marcia Gill
Have a website idea or questions? Contact: davesdigs@gmail.com
VP Public Relations: Sally Syren and Adele Lancaster
Have a story for the Forge editor? Contact: ssyren@san.rr.com or alancst1@san.rr.com
VP Ways & Means: Tom Helmantoler
Contact: thelmantoler@gmail.com
Recording Secretary: Marje Acker
Contact: marjeacker@cox.net
Correspondence: Marje Acker
Contact: marjeacker@cox.net
Remembrance: Sharon Henry
Contact: sharonhenry1@cox.net
Publicity: Jan Kugler
Contact: jgkug@hotmail.com