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Students ! Imagine a headline banner:

San Diego Chapter
Students Optomistic For Future America

We need a volunteer to chair SOFFA! We want to see you stay in touch with each other and stay involved with our San Diego Chapter Freedoms Foundation. You could use this page to post pictures from your trip, plan parties and events, even start a chat room for SOFFA members. But every good group needs a leader. If you are up to the task, please email Tom Helmantoler . If you have ideas for this webpage email Marcia Gill. Look below for your friends! Send me your photos and we'll get them posted as well!

Lincoln To posted "thousands" of photos on Facebook which you can access here. Click on the links but you will need to log into your Facebook account to view the photos when you get there.
Set A
Set B
Set C
Enjoy the photos posted below. See who you can identify!